2016 roundup

Another year over, aghh, where does the time go…. I put a little slideshow together of some of 2016’s moments. I’m not very good at narrowing it down so I just chucked a lot in there…it’s fast, don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

Honestly, I didn’t think that last year was a busy one, workwise. And then I looked through the hard drives to make this slideshow and was a little overwhelmed. It struck me that I’m so, so privileged. Privileged to be in this position of witnessing the most special moments, treasured memories, important stages, of your lives. Thank you so much to all of you that have entrusted me with that. I truly love what I do.

Looking over the photos it struck me for the thousandth time that its real life I love. The posed shots definitely have their place and are important in their own way but the unexpected, usually unsung and REAL moments are the ones that get me. A crying newborn, a nose-picking child and a grumpy grandparent are just as important as the all-smiling family photo. Embrace life in all it’s beauty, disaster, mess and heartbreak.

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A x