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  • Tiny newborn twins you're going to ADORE

  • Hello! These two teeny weeny delightful ittybitty newborn creatures are Rupert and Ralphie.

    This was a mere 6 months ago and you wouldn’t recognise them as they are big bouncing boys now. And I KNOW you all KNOW that time flies so fast and we have to stop and look round once in a while and capture the memories and before you know it they’ll be starting school and blahblahblah yes yes yes.

    But it’s true! We saw them as embryos, as foetuses, and now they’re beaming at everybody and almost sitting up (that’s another blog post, watch this space).

    It got me thinking though, about photoshoots.

    How it usually goes is this – you book me for a certain day and time. You dress the children in cute clean outfits, pray that they behave and smile. Then I come round and we scout the house for some cute places to take photos. And we try to get a photo where you’re all smiling and looking at the camera.

    Sometimes it works great! And other times it’s not so easy to get that shot.

    However, here’s the good news – it really doesn’t matter that much. Because it’s about capturing a time in your life and remembering all the feelings that go with that time. If you get a picture where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling, great! But the second before it was taken you had to beg plead threaten bribe the children to do so (haahaa  – yes you’ve all done it) that’s probably what you’ll remember when you look at the photo.

    But fear not! As well as those smiley photos, I’ll be on the lookout for the moments inbetween – the ones you don’t notice or maybe didn’t even realise were moments. If you have to turn one of the kids upside down to make them laugh instead of cry… go for it (yep you’ve done that too).

    Finally, on with the cuteness. These were my favourites of R + R.

    I ESPECIALLY love the last one – because it was obviously photobombed but it totally shows the characters of both big brothers and JUST manages to be a portrait of all of them at the same time.

    Hurrah for boys!

  • Ailsa Bee 2017 roundup

  • Late! As usual. But here is it, my Ailsa Bee Roundup of 2017! It’s nearly time for the next one and I promise to be more timely with that one.


    A x