lifestyle photography: capturing the little moments of life.

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I have been shooting lifestyle photography for over a decade. Originally starting as a wedding and portrait photographer, I fell in love with capturing the little moments that reflect real life.

Maybe you've just welcomed baby number two, you're having a special BBQ, a birthday gathering, or just a normal family sunday - just ask me along and I'll capture it for you.

I like things really relaxed - I think it's the perfect way to get the best out of you... and your children. To a certain extent, we can just let you, the kids (and/or pets!) do what they want. I will just hang out and follow and chat and shoot at the same time. My favourite photos of my own little ones are the everyday moments I was afraid of forgetting - them waking up in their cot and peering through the bars, staring out of the window looking for squirrels, toddling to the cupboard and stealing cheerios when they thought I wasn't looking, or trying on my shoes and pretending to be mummy. So lets go for a walk, play in the garden, read a story or jump on the trampoline.

I think your photos should reflect actual real life, not staged poses. Although I do understand that staged photos are sometimes necessary if you've got a lot of people together for a rare occasion! But when we've got that group photo... just relax, have some fun and let me hover and snap.

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