how long is a photo shoot?

A family / lifestyle shoot tends to come to a natural end after around two hours. That said, I don’t clock watch so if we’re on a roll and it takes a little longer, no wobblies. Likewise, some shoots go like a dream so we might wrap it up sooner.

A business / branding shoot all depends on the package you choose but it's all set our clearly on my pricing page.

Events or weddings? It's all up to you and what you need from me. I can offer you a bespoke quote if you get in touch here.

do you have a studio?

Most of my work is shot in natural environments – that is, your home, the outdoors, funky cafes or posh bars!

However...I do have a rather orange MOBILE photo studio who goes by the name of Ernie the Photo Bus. Ernie is a joyous new addition and you can read all about him here.

i’ve got an idea for a particular shoot/ shot but i’m afraid to ask...

Go ahead and ask! Seriously – I’m always up for something a bit different and I’m pretty unshockable. Unless it’s illegal. I am a generally good girl after all…

I’m worried my little darlings (monsters) won’t behave...

Don’t. They’ll sense your angst. In my experience, even tiny babies can sense that something is expected of them but they’re not quite sure what. Just accept that what will be will be.

Try not to feel time pressured – remember quality over quantity. If they’re hungry, need changing or cuddling, just do it. Relax, and breeeeeeaaathe.

Also, I’m a mother of two. I KNOW it’s frustrating when you just want some lovely pictures and they’re making ridiculous faces or refusing to look in the direction of the camera. A little bribe here and there can work wonders. Jus sayin. Yes, a beautiful giggle over the sheer wonder of being alive is the goal, but a cheeky gleeful smile over the mention of having a treatsize packet of buttons before 10am? I’ll take it.

how many photos will i get?

It varies depending on what type of shoot it is, who we are shooting and a million other things that we may or may not be able to control, like levels of child tiredness/happiness, how comfortable you are in front of the camera, weather, amount and quality of environments/backgrounds available, how much wine I drank the night before… (JOKE) but I’d say anywhere from 80 to 150 photos. Perfect for filling your Instagram feed!

But the aim is for quality over quantity. How many photos do you really need up on your wall or website anyway?

how much is it?

See my pricing page. It’s all laid out nice 'n' simple.

will you photoshop me to look thinner?

No. That’s not what I do. I’m all about loving the body you have and embracing truth. That said, I am human! If you’re self conscious about something then tell me and I’ll keep it in mind when shooting. It might be a change of angle or lighting that makes all the difference.

will you photoshop this spot/ scratch/piece of fluff?

Yes of course if you’d like me to. They will likely be gone tomorrow and I understand that that is very annoying!

i hate having my photo taken...

Yes, I’m sorry to say that a lot of people do. It’s sad. But you’ve come to me for photos and take photos I shall.

I’ll make it as painless as possible and remember, if you don’t like them, nobody need ever see them! It’s surprising though how many people start off a bit stiff and self conscious but really get used to it quickly, and by the end they’re like, "Wow, I really enjoyed that!”

Remember that if you FEEL comfortable you LOOK comfortable. So put your hands in your pockets, get comfy, whatever it takes.