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branding photography: bringing your brand or business to life.

- business photography - headshots - social media content -

- personal branding photography - business premises shoots -

I have been working with people, businesses and brands to capture authentic, engaging photography for over ten years.


At my business or branding photoshoots the most important thing is that you (and / or the people in your business) feel relaxed. Try to think about how you want to appear to your customers... most people aim to appear relaxed and approachable yet professional. I'll encourage you to get comfortable, but I can also direct you a little bit in terms of poses (if needed!). I like natural light the best, but I sometimes use flash for interior shots. I like to offer you as much choice as possible so we will often take a variety of shots both indoor and outdoor, with different backgrounds, wide shots of the environment and closer portrait shots of just you.


Think also about what kind of environment you want to be shot in. Some people like to use their genuine work environment such as an office. Some people like to be photographed outside, and some people like blank walls or a quirky cafe / bar.


Don't worry about the camera - people often feel uncomfortable at first, but you'll soon get into it, and I'm concentrating on what the environment around you looks like just as much as I'm looking at you! Depending on what your business is, most of the time I love to get some of your character and personality across so just relax into it - remember people buy YOU, not just your product. We're all human. Allow yourself to shine!

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