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ailsa bee: lifestyle & branding photographer:

Hello, I’m Ailsa.

I’m 43 years old and I live with my two little darlings on a narrowboat in sunny Cheshire.


I am a lifestyle and branding photographer. Yes but what does that MEAN? I hear you cry. 'Lifestyle' to me means anything that you do in life that you might want shooting in a real and relaxed manner. Weddings, events, parties, stages of life. 'Branding' is the business part - headshots, workplace shots, anything you do that is businessy! 

I love to travel throughout the UK and overseas, from sheep fields in Wales to weddings in Umbria, from retreats in Croatia to teepees in Scotland. I specialise in natural, candid photography.


I’ve got a degree in Psychology, a background in Mental Health Nursing, Level 6 in British Sign Language and I'm currently studying creative psychotherapy. I spent four years as an RAF reservist and every so often I get a burst of restless energy which generally results in some sort of adventure.


I get bored with my hair often. I love colour, have too many hobbies, and notice random stuff you might not. I'm quite impatient with a lot of things (not your children though), and a bit impulsive sometimes (think new tattoos or random vehicle purchases). I get excited by old wooden doors, have far too many books and dream of sitting next to campfires on deserted beaches. 

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